Sedation Dentist in Central CT Dr. Thomas Peltzer Offers Advanced, Safe Sedation Dentistry

You look at your calendar and notice you have a dental appointment tomorrow. Dental anxiety, dental phobia and fear of the dentist begin to occupy your thoughts. You’re not alone. We understand your fears and offer sedation dentistry and sleep dentistry to help you achieve the cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery and family dentistry you dream of achieving.

With our advanced training and years of dental anesthesia experience, we have helped thousands of patients in need of dental sedation. We help patients across CT with special needs and patients from five years to eighty-nine years of age who fear dentists, to obtain the stress-free dental care they desire.

Our special hospital and outpatient surgical center training, pursued on a continuing basis, helps our patients with a multitude of medical conditions achieve the smile of their dreams. Cosmetic and family dentistry and all specialty dental services can be provided while you comfortably dream through your dental appointment. Recovery is rapid and comfortable.

Our team will be attending the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology Annual Meeting in Arizona April 28, 2011 to April 30, 2011, to continue to update our skills with the latest information in Anesthesiology and Dental Sedation. Don’t settle for minimally trained sedation dentists who simply give you pills with oral sedation to try to make you comfortable. We have tried oral sedation alone, years ago and the results are unpredictable and usually disappointing.

Our advanced hospital level of IV sedation is far more effective, much more controllable and predictable. Our training includes the Albert Einstein School of Medicine, the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology, the American Society of Dentist Anesthesiologists, The Ohio State Nationwide Children’s Hospital and the Solis Outpatient Surgical Center in Los Angeles.

Don’t settle for less than the optimal safety, comfort and skilled sedation dentistry providers we offer at Gentle Dental Care in Plainville, Central CT, for all your cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery and tooth whitening needs.

Thomas J. Peltzer, DMD                                                                                    

About Dr. Thomas J. Peltzer, DMD

Dr. Peltzer is a Sedation Dental Specialist serving patients throughout the state of CT, MA, RI and NY.
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