Yes or No? Dental Care During Pregnancy? Thomas J. Peltzer, DMD

OMG! You’re pregnant and you have a toothache. Now what? As a central CT dentist who treats patients with a multitude of medical situations, we see many people with this same dilemma. What can you do safely to relieve the pain and protect your unborn child? You are likely to be asking yourself “Why did I wait so long?” Despair not. We have solutions.

OB/GYN docs generally agree that emergency dental treatment can and should be rendered during pregnancy provided there are no reasons to suspect yours is a high risk pregnancy. The standard of care is to treat pain or swelling appropriately but conservatively during pregnancy because:

  • The problem is not going to go away by itself.
  • Your dental emergency is likely to worsen.
  • When the dental emergency worsens, you will be further along in your pregnancy, making treatment more risky.

Even if a dental problem exists which seems minor now, it is likely to get much worse over the coming months. Experts agree that when dental treatment is needed, to prevent complications later during your pregnancy, taking care of the problem during the mid trimester is the optimal time. The risks at this time are significantly lower to you and your soon to be new addition to your family.  

The American Pregnancy Association outlines additional factors, however emphasizes that necessary, non elective dental care should be performed with very minimal risk during pregnancy. Basically the benefit outweighs the risk of non-treatment.

Let’s face it. Delivery is difficult enough without having to endure a dental problem needlessly for several months before the big day.


Thomas J. Peltzer, DMD                                                                             

About Dr. Thomas J. Peltzer, DMD

Dr. Peltzer is a Sedation Dental Specialist serving patients throughout the state of CT, MA, RI and NY.
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