Dr. Thomas Peltzer America’s Top Dentist by Consumer’s Research Council of America

Dr. Thomas Peltzer, honored as the best dentist in CT,  has also been selected for the high honor of being included in the 2011 and 2012 America’s Top Dentist publication. This is the second year in a row the Consumer’s Research Council of America has included Thomas Peltzer DMD for this honor.

Dr. Thomas Peltzer is known for excellence in Cosmetic Dentistry and considered by many of his peers to be the best dentist in the nation in the field of Sedation Dentistry according to several USC faculty anesthesiologists.

Dr. Peltzer continues to expand his excellent cosmetic dentistry and sedation dentistry skills. Dr. Peltzer has had extensive training with some of the nation’s most well known anesthesiologists at USC Department of Anesthesiology and The Ohio State University. Because Dr. Peltzer practices excellence in Cosmetic Dentistry and Sedation Dentistry, continual learning is crucial to Dr. Peltzer at Gentle Dental Care, a central CT dental group practice.

As a sedation dentist with extensive experience in helping people sleep through their dentistry, Dr. Peltzer is pursuing more advanced training in June 2011 with the University of Southern California (USC) faculty, treating patients at USC in coordination with anesthesiologists based in Los Angeles and learning additional skills from the world’s top anesthesiologists.

Sedation dentistry and anesthesiology training with USC anesthesiologists begins with patients at 6 am and often extends until 5 pm in the operating rooms at the USC outpatient surgery center. In his Plainville, CT office Dr. Peltzer administers anesthesia so his patients can sleep through their treatment and Dr. Peltzer also does the cosmetic dentistry and other dental needs of his patients to ensure a pleasant experience.

Contact Us At: www.ConnecticutSedationDentist.com or call 1-860-747-5711

About Dr. Thomas J. Peltzer, DMD

Dr. Peltzer is a Sedation Dental Specialist serving patients throughout the state of CT, MA, RI and NY.
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