Cosmetic Dentistry and Full Mouth Reconstruction at Gentle Dental Care in Plainville CT

Full mouth reconstruction? Just the words alone can bring fear to the average person. You need not worry though, as newer solutions for cosmetic dentistry and the creation of a healthy mouth, while still a significant treatment, can now be accomplished under sedation dentistry at Gentle Dental Care by Dr. Thomas Peltzer painlessly, quickly and efficiently .

Full mouth reconstruction involves several steps, many of which are accomplished simultaneously. Be sure to ask Dr. Peltzer any questions at Gentle Dental Care. We perform major cosmetic makeovers and full mouth rehabilitations for patients who travel great distances to see us because of the unique services we offer at Gentle Dental Care.

Many issues you must carefully consider:

  • We offer the best Cosmetic dentistry in CT, to give you an attractive smile
  • Your smile will blend with a good bite and as much chewing surface as possible.
  • Some hopeless teeth may have to be removed by Dr. Peltzer with oral surgery which we routinely perform at Gentle Dental Care in Plainville, CT office under dental sedation.
  • As the central Connecticut dental group practice we are the best choice for such major dentistry
  • Gum disease treatments (periodontics) should be performed to achieve excellent longevity for your investment.
  • Dr. Peltzer must often place Dental Implants when multiple key teeth are missing.
  • Dr. Peltzer constructs beautiful cosmetic dental temporary crowns and bridges for you to smile confidently, while you are in the midst of your treatment.
  • With full arch restoration, the patient is going to be able to finish their treatment in a very short time, so that they can continue their everyday tasks.

People who need full mouth reconstruction should never fear these procedures, since state of the art technology and high quality, incredibly skilled sedation dentistry combine to make the process a walk in the park.

Also, Dr. Thomas Peltzer is the unique best dentist in CT who can administer advanced, safe IV sedation dentistry just like you would have if you were undergoing a medical procedure. Dr. Peltzer has years of training in dental anesthesia and has performed thousands of cases for people just like you.

All it takes is patience and commitment, and you can get a new healthy set of teeth and the cosmetic dentistry, comfort and efficient chewing function you have longed for; painlessly, while comfortably asleep and by a team of highly experienced professionals.

You too can have a beautifully cosmetic smile like Kim Kardashian.

Visit us on the web at: or call 1-860-747-5711

About Dr. Thomas J. Peltzer, DMD

Dr. Peltzer is a Sedation Dental Specialist serving patients throughout the state of CT, MA, RI and NY.
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