The 8 Habits of Highly Effective Sedation Dentists

Sedation Dentistry is both an art and science. I’m a bit obsessed with it, actually. Excellence as a Sedation Dentist and a Dentist Anesthesiologist has become my mission in my professional life.

I am continually improving our patient’s experience at our Sedation Dentistry Center. I continuously take advanced anesthesia courses across the country so that I remain the best sedation dentist in CT.

Our highly skilled team of Dental Sedation Specialists and Anesthesiologists at Gentle Dental Care in CT is the Premier provider of Sedation Dentistry in Connecticut. Sleep dentistry for dental phobic patients is provided daily.

We provide a spectacular team of dental sedation specialists to optimize your sedation dentist experience at Gentle Dental Care in Plainville, CT.

An Excellent Sedation Dentistry Experience and How It Is Achieved

My goal is to provide the optimal dental sedation experience.

There are 8 habits that highly effective sedation dentists possess.

1. Effective sedation dentists are prolific

At ConnecticutSedationDentist we provide sedation dentistry to dozens of patients every week. The first key to being a skilled sedation dentist is to practice anesthesia. A lot.

The more we sedate people, the better we become at sedation dentistry. You learn from every case and practice whether in medicine or dentistry counts. A lot.

An analogy…if you needed brain surgery, would you prefer a surgeon who has practiced surgery a dozen times or a much more experienced surgeon who has practiced the procedure you need, thousands of times?

Advanced experience counts!

2. Effective sedation dentists are efficient

Would you rather go to a dentist who gives you pills to sedate you and sits and waits for you to slowly become sleepy? Or to a sedation dentist trained and highly experienced with IV sedation dentistry, as it is performed in the hospital millions of times daily?

IV sedation dentistry is safe, quick and very controllable.

At most, dentists who advertise oral (pill) sedation dentistry have taken a few weekend courses only, and have limited monitoring skills and even less experience and fewer options to deal with any emergencies should they arise.

Advanced anesthesiology training makes Connecticut Sedation Dentist Center positively unique. Our thousands of hours of training and real surgical center and hospital experience make us safer, better and more capable.

3. Effective sedation dentists are analytical

Effective anesthesiologists don’t work or live in a bubble.

They always stay up to date with advanced courses in anesthesiology. They belong to professional groups such as the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology (ADSA) and the American Society of Dentist Anesthesiologists (ASDA).

They understand that each patient seeking sedation is unique and a well thought out plan for their anesthesia must be diligently planned based on that individual patients particular health conditions and emotional fear status.

4. Effective sedation dentists are lifelong learners

If you have only a few years of sedation dentistry experience you’re probably on a steep learning curve at the moment.

Maybe you tell yourself that things will get better when you’ve been doing it longer. There won’t be so much to learn. You’ll have systems in place soon and everything will run smoothly.

Sadly, I think this is a myth. I’ve been a sedation dentist and anesthesiologist for over 10 years, and it keeps changing. Just when you’ve got one element sorted out, something new gets released. Or becomes obsolete. Or mutates in 20 different directions.

If you want to stay ahead as a sedation dentist, you have to keep learning.

Fortunately, being curious and wanting to learn keeps you young and your brain active. A love of learning doesn’t just set you up for a successful dental sedation career, but for a successful and happy life.

5. Effective sedation dentists are focused and consistent

Skilled sedation dentists choose an area of expertise and stick to it. They do not advertise themselves as being the expert at everything. Remember- focus and discipline is the key to a highly talented sedation dentist.

They plan time regularly to study, learn new methods and remain at the leading edge of their profession. They are in regular contact with other expert sedation dentist anesthesiologists across the country and teach, share ideas and knowledge.

6. Effective sedation dentists plan ahead

Successful sedation dentists know what they are doing and where they are going. They have a master plan and stick to it. Yes, they adapt based on feedback, but always in service of a vision.

Each patient is unique and the successful sedation dentist is skilled at many different techniques to provide the appropriate level of safe sedation. The choices depend on the treatment to be rendered and the specific medical conditions of our valued patients.

7. Effective sedation dentists are persistent

Top sedation dentists understand that perfect results are not achieved overnight. Real proficiency rarely happens quickly.

Time is on our side. To be the best sedation dentist takes consistency, hard work, serious study and lots of persistence. The best dentist anesthesiologists consistently perfect their skill and knowledge and never stop learning.

8. Effective sedation dentists are self-starters

To be excellent at what I do, I need to manage myself efficiently. I need to plan which specific anesthesia meetings I should attend. I need to network and learn from others. I also need to teach others so that they can learn from my experience.

At Gentle Dental Care, we often have other offices visit us to learn from us. Word spreads and the self-discipline I have practiced to achieve our top position as Connecticut’s Sedation Dentist can be shared with other self-starters from across the nation.

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About Dr. Thomas J. Peltzer, DMD

Dr. Peltzer is a Sedation Dental Specialist serving patients throughout the state of CT, MA, RI and NY.
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