Welcome to the Sedation Dentistry Practice of Gentle Dental Care in Connecticut by Thomas Peltzer, DMD

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Thomas Peltzer, DMD  Welcomes you to Gentle Dental Care in Plainville, Connecticut.

Thomas Peltzer, DMD strives to provide you with a world class experience while you achieve the smile and dental health you previously could only dream to achieve. Speaking of dreaming, Dr. Peltzer has achieved national recognition as one of the nation’s premier dentists, skilled in the art and science of Sedation Dentistry and Dental Anesthesia.

Watch our welcome video shown below and enjoy.

Then give us a call and one of our caring and highly professional staff members can begin to help you. All you need to do is take that first step. Give us a call for additional information.

With sleep dentistry, you can achieve great dental health and an incredible attractive smile in far fewer visits than you could the conventional way. We can erase years of dental neglect often in as few as one or two visits depending on your circumstances.

Devoted to continuing education, and a member of numerous professional associations, Dr. Peltzer provides comprehensive dental and cosmetic care to patients of all ages with or without sedation dentistry with warmth, respect, and professionalism.

Please read what just one of our many happy patients has to say about sedation dentistry and Gentle Dental Care:

“Everyone showed a level of compassion that is very refreshing in this day & age. I am now more comfortable going to the dentist. Sedation dentistry took
away all anxiety.” – Eric Beach, Terryville, CT

Written by Thomas Peltzer DMD, website: http://www.ConnecticutSedationDentist.com, Gentle Dental Care, Thomas Peltzer, DMD, 87 East St., Plainville, CT 06062 (860) 747-5711, Blog: http://bit.ly/X7N5XW

About Dr. Thomas J. Peltzer, DMD

Dr. Peltzer is a Sedation Dental Specialist serving patients throughout the state of CT, MA, RI and NY.
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