Pain Free Dentistry in Connecticut

Seation Dentistry

The name of our dental sedation practice says it all: “Gentle Dental Care“.

We have dedicated our practice of Sedation Dentistry to provide for your comfort. We are experts at sedation dentistry and considered by many to be the best Sedation Dentistry Practice in Connecticut. Patients come to us from miles around.  That says something about the quality of care we provide and the comfort of our patients who want sleep dentistry.

Whether you need Oral Surgery or Cosmetic Dentistry in Connecticut, we’re the experts for you.

Here’s what just one of our valued patients has to say about their experience with us:

Written by Amy, a recent patient:

It was time to get my wisdom teeth taken out and because I have major anxiety at the dentist I was only interested in getting sedated. My dad found Dr. Peltzer in Connecticut at Gentle Dental Care and both Dr. Peltzer and his team are great.

They all took really great care of me and made me feel comfortable and anxiety free. My experience went a lot better than I imagined. I took 2 pills before my appointment with the purpose to calm me down for my sedation dentistry.

When I got to the dentist they brought me right into the room, got me comfortable in the chair and that’s the last thing I remember, and that’s exactly what I wanted. No memory of my wisdom teeth taken out at all. Best experience I could ask for, and the best dentist and team to do business with. I very highly recommend Dr. Thomas Peltzer in Connecticut.

Amy Raudis
Southington, CT

To understand how sedation dentistry and Pain Free Dentistry can benefit you call us and speak with one of our highly experienced professionals, many of whom Dr. Peltzer has provided pain free dentistry for them and their families.

Dr. Thomas Peltzer can be contacted at or by calling (860) 747-5711 in Connecticut or visited on Google + at:

About Dr. Thomas J. Peltzer, DMD

Dr. Peltzer is a Sedation Dental Specialist serving patients throughout the state of CT, MA, RI and NY.
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