Oral Surgery Under Sedation Dentistry in CT by Thomas Peltzer, DMD

Wisdom teeth removal and several fillings in one visit with IV sedation with Thomas Peltzer, DMD in Plainville, Connecticut.

Carl is a teacher in Farmington, CT and one of our favorite patients. He offered to make a video about his experience with sedation dentistry with Thomas Peltzer, DMD.

Great Anesthesia Pic

Dr. Peltzer’s advanced skill level and sedation dentistry experience in helping  thousands of patients has  made Dr. Peltzer the number one expert in the field of advanced IV sedation. This form of dental sedation is far more effective and comfortably predictable than oral sedation which is practiced by some dentists in CT with much less skill and anesthesia knowledge than Dr. Peltzer.

Oral sedation, also known as “pill sedation” is unpredictable and  less reliable than real medical quality anesthesia practiced by Dr. Peltzer. Dentists who practice oral sedation have much less experience and training than Dr. Peltzer’s advanced IV anesthesia training achieved during thousands of hours of hospital operating room formal anesthesia training.

If you went to the hospital would the anesthesiologist sprinkle sedative powder under your tongue (the way oral sedation dentists do) and wait a half hour to an hour to see if it worked? Never! And for good reason…it’s not safe and not reversible if you inadvertently get too deeply sedated. With Dr. Peltzer you are asleep in less than a minute.

Oral sedation is an inferior method of sedation dentistry. The operating room hospital training and out patient surgery experience and advanced anesthesia training Dr. Peltzer has obtained will ensure you are unaware of your oral surgery being safely performed and dental fillings and crowns being done while you are sedated in the safest manner possible.

Visit us at ConnecticutSedationDentist.com or visit our office at Gentle Dental Care, 87 East St., Plainville, CT 06062, 860-747-5711

About Dr. Thomas J. Peltzer, DMD

Dr. Peltzer is a Sedation Dental Specialist serving patients throughout the state of CT, MA, RI and NY.
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